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SAVES LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May

Saraya Nurses and Midwives Clean Care Is In Your Hands Poster

Nurses and midwives play a vital role in providing healthcare services. These are the people who devote their lives to caring for mothers and children as well as patients; giving lifesaving immunizations and health advice; looking after older people and generally meeting everyday essential health needs. They are often, the first and only point of care in their communities. The world needs 9 million more nurses and midwives if it is to achieve universal health coverage by 2030.

That’s why the World Health Assembly has designated 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

SARAYA participates once again, especially in this year that has been hit so hard by the Covid-19, in the WHO’s annual “SAVE LIVES: CLEAN YOUR HANDS” campaign on May 5, which carries the theme “Nurses and Midwives: clean care is in your hands”. Let’s work together celebrating and empowering nurses and midwives in the monumental work that they do to keep our patients, families, and their colleagues safe by preventing healthcare-associated infections.

Let’s together promote hand hygiene as an indispensable, basic yet effective infection control tool, capable of helping in our fight against even the worst spreading diseases.

Act now!

  • Sign up your facility to the campaign here.

  • Encourage other health facilities to sign up to the campaign.

  • Be a 5 May campaign advocate - post information in your newsletters or feature a link to the Who campaign on your web pages.

  • Actively use WHO campaign wording and resources - check here for more information.

  • And last but not least, promote hand hygiene best practices in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak preparedness and response!

WHO Nurses and Midwives Clean Care Is In Your Hands Poster

SARAYA's posters for the 5 of May 2020 Campaign

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