Research & Development

Know-how and creativity targeted towards real world applications and our customers' voice is the basis for developing Saraya's innovative products. From first concept to research and production, over 100 dedicated individuals of varied specializations in natural and applied sciences make up our R&D team work to provide direct solutions to problems facing worldwide health and hygiene.

Biochemical Laboratory

Saraya's biochemical laborator has a long history with the company. As one of our oldest establishments, our lab has provided the research for hundreds of products. All in-house research allows Saraya to focus on creating innovative products no seen from any other maker in the world.

Product Planning Department

Our product planning team cooperates with all divisions in Saraya to provide the blue prints for products to meet the demands of our customers and health and hygiene problems gripping the world.

Mechanical Design

As a maker of world-renoun mechanical solutions to health and hygiene, our Mechanical Design divisions composed of an international group of individuals dreaming up the most practical and game-changing devices for healthy living.

Creative Design

Our educational and marketing materials require a creative eye to reach the numerous users of Saraya products. Our creative design teams are developing new ways to reach our customers and spread consciousness on health and hygiene.