Consumer Care Solutions

Home is where we relax, laugh, play and learn. We want our homes to be comfortable, clean and unique. Saraya Consumer line up brings soaps, detergents, hand sanitizer and healthy foods to your home to keep you and your family healthy and happy. Each product we deliver is developed with unique and eco friendly features that make tending to your house a pleasure. From additive free and pure Arau soaps to our next generation Yashinomi biodetergents, you'll find Saraya makes everything for your home to stay healthy and smiling.

Natural soaps for home, body and baby made with no synthetic additives or ingredients. Arau is a simple and pure way to wash with the pleasant fragrance of natural herbal extracts and essential oils.

For 40 years people have been washing with Yashinomi brand detergents for its great cleaning power and gentle touch on the hands and the environment. Click to learn about the entire line up.

Saraya makes avoiding sugar sweet and easy with Lakanto, all natural zero calorie sweetener. Made from Luo Han Guo extract, Lakanto is delicious and can be enjoyed by dieters and diabetics alike.

Nourish your skin with the healing strength of mother's milk. Nyula skin care line contains Lactoferrin, the functional protein of mother's milk, to strengthen the cell layers.

Hand Hygiene at Home

In addition to keeping clean hand washing and sanitation greatly reduce the chance of getting sick. Saraya home hand hygiene products are easy on your skin, the environment and easy for kids and adults to use.